A Note From the Nurse:

Welcome to You Medical!

Caring for our bodies is so important. As a nurse, I direct a lot of my time to caring for and educating people on their physical health. Our diets, exercise, sleep, and water intake are so crucial to us feeling good and operating at our best. One of my favorite things to do as a nurse is to introduce parents to the first pictures of their babies. Through early ultrasounds, I have the privilege to show a mom and dad their baby’s body for the first time. There is nothing more amazing than seeing little arms and legs kicking around and a rapidly beating heart on the screen. Our physical bodies are amazing!

Often we run through life focusing only on what we can see – our bodies. It’s in times when we’re scared, threatened or uncertain that we stop to think on other things. What are my goals in life? Who loves me? Who do I love? What do I think about others? How am I contributing to society? What is causing me stress?

The reality is that our emotional, mental and relational health HUGELY affect our physical health. Make sure to take time to foster your complete health, not just physical. When faced with a difficult situation, take a minute to stop. Stop, and then step back and look at your life as a whole. Physical decisions made today will affect the health of you as a person for years to come.

Kim, RN, BSN