Table Hosts

We are pleased to announce that our Annual Fundraising Banquet will be held on Tuesday, September 14th. This year we are excited to welcome guest speaker, Benjamin Watson, NFL tight end and Superbowl champion who advocates for the sanctity of human life. To make this event a success, would you be willing to host a table? There is no cost to hosting a table—it simply means that you are responsible for filling your table with guests who would like to attend the event and are interested in supporting the ministry of You Medical.  Please note that there is Limited Seating this year.


Please invite 6-7 guests—we ask that you fill a table of 8 (including you). We recommend that you have some extra people in mind just in case the guests you invite cannot attend. Make sure that you confirm that your guests have registered online at

We will provide you with a table host packet that will include printed invitations you can extend to your guests. If you need a digital version of the invitation, please get in touch with us.

This is a great opportunity to invite friends, business associates, and community leaders who may not know about our organization. It is also a time to re-ignite interest and enthusiasm for those who perhaps already know about You Medical, but have been out of touch for a while. 

While the banquet provides an opportunity for many community members to learn about this ministry for the first time, it is primarily a fundraising event. Its purpose is to draw in donors that will support the growth of the organization.

To register as a Table Host, please visit, and check the box that says “Yes, I would like to be a Table Host.” We will follow up to answer any questions you may have.

We so appreciate your involvement in making our past banquets successful. Thank you for your continued support as you prayerfully consider this exciting opportunity to serve!

Yes! This year Banquet is on a TUESDAY evening. There will be a “Social Hour” once the doors open at 5:30PM.

There is no cost to hosting a table; however, we will provide an opportunity for all guests to give financially at the end of the event. “Hosting” a table does not mean that you are “sponsoring” a table. If your business is interested in sponsoring our event, please contact us.

Join us for our annual fundraising banquet.


Join us for our annual fundraising banquet.